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Founded in 2004, obot group is located in the golden section of Ningbo national high tech Zone, with a building area of 30000 square meters, with a garden style modern office factory. It covers the LED lighting industry, the household electrical appliance industry, the film and television culture industry, the education and training industry, and the four major business sectors.
The parent company is the high-tech enterprise, the patent demonstration enterprise, the special engineering technology center, dedicated to the research and development of LED products. The main products are LED street lamp, street lamp single lamp control system, building brightening products, landscape lighting products and various lamps and rods products. The company has a complete technological innovation system and quality management system, including ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 management system certification. Since 2012, LED lighting products have been awarded the "Ningbo City independent innovation products and high quality products recommendation catalogue", the national energy-saving product guide catalogue, and one of its subsidiaries is specialized in energy-saving transformation of street lamps, and has entered the national development and Reform Commission's energy saving record record. LED lighting products have CE, UL, CQC, the Ministry of transportation and other related certification, our company's advanced technology and advanced technology of light source and related electrical appliances in energy saving street lighting, landscape lighting and building lighting are in the international leading level, and more than 40 patents have been obtained. Business and success projects all over the world contribute to the development of lighting industry, and enjoy high popularity and reputation in the lighting industry.
The wholly-owned subsidiary has established a cultural industry development park. The park has an international perspective, relying on local regional advantages, policy advantages, and human environment advantages. It has gathered hundreds of high-quality film and television media enterprises at home and abroad. Business covers the entire industrial chain of film and television culture and provides incubation and development for film and television culture enterprises. Platform. There are many famous movie and TV studio and exhibition hall, and the famous exhibition hall for calligraphy and painting.
The founder of the enterprise, who is engaged in education, knows the importance of education, does not forget the first heart, and has set up a film and Television School of literature and television, and the institute runs a school with the international famous professional art schools to make its due contribution to the development of diversified international art talents.




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